About us

This is where we live, in a village called Bälinge, outside Luleå in the north of Sweden.

My first labrador, "Elliot" (LP SVCh Karlsängens Fund of Experience)

My very first dog, "Tusse", born 1979.

Huset Elliot is a small kennel, situated in the very north of Sweden outside the town Luleå. I started to breed labradors in 1996 and have bred eleven labrador litters and one cavalier litter until today. So far they've all been very healthy and sound, as well as wonderful working companions. A total of 66 labs have been born here, 63 of them are X-rayed and 61 have free hips and elbows! So far I've bred 18 Bloodtracking Champions, 12 dogs are qualified in field trials and 13 have been showed with CC-quality.  Others compete in obedience or utility. I'm very proud of these statitics and also for having such wonderful dog owners to my breeding. Thank you all!

Our family consists of me, Marie, and my husband Patrik. Together with our two homestaying children, six dogs and a Norwegian Forest cat, we live in a house that you can see to the left. The grownup dogs, as well as the puppies we breed, all live inside with us and get used to family life. I work from home as a translator and spend all my spare time with our children and the dogs. All our children are fond of sports, so there's a lot of basketball playing and football during the weekends. But our daughter, Stina, shares my hobby and she's the one who's training two of the Cavaliers.

My aim is to breed healthy so called dual purpose labradors with classical looks; labradors that enjoy working and have a good deal of "will to please".  I also want them to have a steady mentality and to function as good family dogs. A typical, friendly temperament is important to me, as well as their wonderful sense of "humour"; their energy and sheer happiness just to be alive. Their expression is also important; I want my labs to look friendly, soft and intelligent, with a long enough muzzle.

The bitches always have free hips and elbows. My own bitches are always qualified in field trial and show and often also in blood tracking and obedience. Those living with others may not be qualified officially but are always evaluated by me before they are mated.

If you're interested in buying a puppy from me, I hope that you're interested in an active life with your 4-legged companion. To me, the lab's a working dog that needs physical and mental activities. I also expect you to X-ray your dog and hope that we'll stay in touch during its life. In return, I can promise you a lifelong support and friendship.

My first dog was a Cavalier king Charles spaniel, born in 1979, so it's with great joy and pleasure that I now have this wonderful breed in the house again. Two of the Cavaliers belong to our daughter, Stina, and she competes with them in obedience and agility, while I've tried some blood tracking with them. Occasionally there'll be a Cavalier litter, aiming for sound and healthy dogs with classic looks. To me, the Cavalier is a sporty and sound little dog and that's what I hope to breed as well. We also have a very healthy and qualified male that's available for stud to suitable bitches.

If you want to know more about my dogs and/or breeding, you're always welcome to call me by phone +46 (0)920-26 51 81 or send an e-mail to marie(at)huset-elliot.com


At present there are five dogs living with us. These are:

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